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So I’ve been mainly using the LabVIEW Mindstorms tool to transfer my compiled apps from my computer to the Brick, but a while ago I found the MonoBrick C# library. It looked and worked great. I could use it to browse the files on my device over Bluetooth, but because it required Bluetooth I didn’t feel comfortable having the Brick running for extended periods of time while I was trying to wrap my head around Xamarin and MonoBrick.

But now that I’ve fixed the DC adapter I don’t mind having that beautiful Brick of mine running all day long, so today I’ve actually fixed a tool that greatly improves my workflow.

It looks like this!filesync2


There are two important parts to this tool.

1. It starts compilation of LMS files to RBF files, or conversion of an image to an RGF file
2. It download the compiled RBF or converted RGF to the Brick using MonoBrick

So before I had to first go to my shell and start java to compile, and then to go the Mindstorms tool to transfer the file, and there where a lot of switching apps, typing and click. Now there is only one app switch and one click, and my program will compile the program and download the compiled app, if the compilation was successful, onto the Brick.

So iterating on things have gone from super cumbersome to super smooth!

I intend to add another important part to the tool, and that is to automatically download and display the log from the Brick, but that’s for later.

If anyone is interested I’d be more than happy to send this program to you. It is written in C# for OSX, so I assume it would be quite tricky to port to Windows, but if anyone is interested then by all means, contact me and we can sort something out!

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