Back on track

The idea for this blog was to write about using the LMS programming language on the EV3 Brick and to have a test project to go along with it but the last couple of updates have been about building the DC adapter. It is finally done so I can resume the LMS experimenting. Wohoo!

So I know how to draw RGF files to screen, but RGF files doesn’t allow any transparency. So I’m going to create my own image format that allow transparency. The format will be very simple and adapted for using with the LMS2012 VM.

The first 16 bytes will hold the width of the image, the next 16 bits the height, and every byte from there on will represent a pixel in the image. That’ll be easy enough to parse and draw on the VM.

Even though the EV3 is a 300MHz ARM based Linux computer I am worried about performances, especially since each draw pixel is writing to a bit mask, so I will be looking into the UI STORE command that will store a copy of the screen into a buffer for later use. My plan is to draw up the background for a room, but with only the static elements, and store that into a buffer.

I was considering adding animation to the background too. The VM support up to 3 stored buffers, so it will need to be 3 frames of animation tops. Bit of an odd number to use for animations, but we’ll see. If the Brick is fast enough maybe I don’t have to store each background frame.

Anyways, off to write a sprite converter.


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