I was hoping I could use scp to copy files from my computer to the Brick but it turns out that scp is based on ssh. So that’s one difference between telnet and ssh. 🙂

Also, I was cocky and killed and restarted the lms2012 process on my Brick via telnet and now the Brick won’t shutdown. When I started lms2012 again it was like my prompt was waiting for the new process. When I tried to shut down the Brick via LMS2012 on the Brick I got a few error messages in the telnet prompt and a message about something being saved, and then nothing happened. It seemed like the Brick got stuck somewhere. I had to press the back and the middle button to reboot the Brick.

Anyhow, Brick is up in wifi and I can connect to it through Telnet. Happy and excited!

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