Measurements of electrical current

So I’ve done some measurements on amperes used in various situations on the EV3.

My main takeaway is that once you’ve done something the Brick will need more power, even though you’ve shut down or disconnected the thing that needed more power.

The unit used for my figures is mA and the multimeter I used could only go up to 200 mA so that’s why a lot of the measurements only say >200. That means the Brick was using more than 200 mA. So here are my measurements:

Booting the Brick: Varying between 100 to >200
Idle: 120
Running my Arholma app: 100-110
Running my transparency app: 100-115

Bluetooth active but not paired: 120
Bluetooth pairing/paired: 130
Bluetooth paired and running commander: 115-160
Bluetooth disconnected: 135
Bluetooth disabled: 135

Pairing computer
Searching: 145
Pairing question: 145
Paired with computer: 134
Connected in labview: 138
Memory browsing: 138-140
Downloading file: 140

Shutting down: 100

Idle after reboot: 120
Wifi inserted: 145
Wifi starting: Peak >200, land at 151
Wifi connections: Peak >200, land at 154
Connecting to our wifi: Peak >200, land at 194
Connect to Brick via telnet: >200
Logged in: 197-199
Start SSH service on the Brick: >200
After shutting off wifi: 149
After unplugging the wifi dongle: 127

Idle after reboot: 125
Connected big motor: 139
Motor control app: 142
Running big motor: >200
After running big motor once: 167
After shutting down motor control app: 138
Disconnected big motor: 129

Connected touch sensor: spike 135, land at 130
Touching touch sensor without any app listening: 131
Started port view: 132
Touching in port view: 130
Exiting port view: 129
Disconnected touch sensor: 129

Connected light sensor: spike 140, land 138
Starting port view: 139-140
Exiting port view: 138
Disconnected light sensor: 129

Connected ir: spike 139, land 137
Started port view: 138
Using IR sender: 140
Exit port view: 138
Disconnect ir sensor: 129

Idle: 135
Connected small motor: spike 145, land 143
Started motor control: 140
Running small motor: >200
After running small motor: 167
Exit motor control: 140
Disconnect small motor: 135

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