& and @!

Quick update since I’m on the move and don’t have access to the source code.

My final experiment last night was sort of successful. I allocated an array using ARRAY CREATE and on the handle that was returned I used the @ operator, so I did MOVE32_32( @handle, variable ) and the content of the variable was something like 0x00032ac30.

Then I did MOVE32_32( &variable, var2 ) and var2 was set to 0x0201.

So that seems great but the reason why I’m not yet happy is because I then tried to set the contents of the array with ARRAY WRITE_CONTENT and after that my experiment fell apart and I could no longer use the & operator, not even when I reverted back to the exact same code I had used when it worked the first time.

So in conclusion, this seems like it might work but I’m also having trouble taming it.

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