Unity + EV3 = not true yet but maybe next project?

Thinking back on what I’d done previously I remembered that I had included the LabVIEW DLL’s into a Unity project to peek at the symbols in the DLL’s. And today I remembered one of the very first things I was asked when I told people I had bought my Mindstorms. “Does it work with Unity?”

It can’t be that hard to write a simple program that runs on the Brick and relay the information from the ports back to a C# plugin used by Unity.

I think I’ll add that to my to do list too. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Unity + EV3 = not true yet but maybe next project?

    1. Magnus Post author

      I hadn’t looked a lot at MonoBrick before but now that I did it kinda seems awesome! The MonoBrick Communications Library is exactly what I want! However, those DLL’s doesn’t work with Unity. The DLL’s seem to require .NET 4.0 and Unity is stuck at .NET 2.0. 🙁 So close!

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