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My name is Magnus and I’m going on an adventure in LEGO Mindstorms Land.

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  1. Andy Lau

    Hello Magnus, My name is Andy.

    What you have done at this website is fantastic! It helps me to know much about the Virtual Machine of EV3.

    Do you familiar with BeagleBone Black? It is a wonderful development board with TI AM335x. And you might know that EV3 is based on TI AM1808. So I transplant all the linux drivers from AM1808 to AM335x. After that, I made a cape board for the BBB. It means I can run the entire EV3 system in BBB right now.

    You can see it at this place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZUc22_5OJU

    It is a test version board in that video. If you are interested in such things, please contact me. I can sent you a test cape board. Let’s play it together : )

    1. Magnus Post author

      Hi Andy.

      Wow, that looks amazing! I hadn’t heard of the BeagleBone Black before but it looks cool! I like the idea of tiny, cost effective custom computers and what can be done with them, but I haven’t experimented at all with them.

      Your cape board looks very cool and I’m very impressed with what you’ve done! I’d love to know more about the low level stuff in the EV3. (Especially as I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to do what I want in LMS and I’ve started thinking more and more about writing a native app)

      However, buying a BeagleBone Black with a screen isn’t really on my budget as it is right now, but I would love to play with you in some way! 🙂 (Also, considering how many strange things are happening when using LMS I want to run on actual hardware just to rule out possible sources of error)

      Sooner or later I will look into compiling my own OS to the EV3 and if you have some experience with that I would probably love some assistance. (I’m thinking I’ll want to write my games in native code rather than the LMS virtual machine)

      Are you looking to do anything specific with the VM or just learn about it in general? I am trying to cover everything I found out regarding the VM in this blog but if you are wondering anything please feel free to message me any questions, here or mail me on ev3@fantastic.computer . Maybe I have played around with it and forgot to write about it in the blog. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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